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I can tell you we were more than a bit saddle sore when we'd finished cycling and left the station.
Still nursing my saddle sore rump I limped onto court at Vagabonds Tennis Club on Queens Drive last week expecting to be serving by lunchtime and hitting backhands like Agassi by dinner.
In the places where it matters, regular riders develop rhino-like hides but can still get saddle sore.
He said: 'Well, there's getting saddle sore and apparently there's some nasty hills on the route to Edinburgh, but we'll get by.
INTREPID Ewan McGregor looked a bit saddle sore yesterday after his motorbike ride around the world.
She said: "I am a little saddle sore today but it was good fun.
A band of soldiers have come home saddle sore after riding 1,400 miles across Europe for charity.
Saddle sore Kellaway said: "It was my seventh attempt to crack 400 miles in a 24 hour in the last six years, so I am delighted to finally achieve a personal ambition.
I once hit the beach so hard that my breeches split and, after riding miles back with a sopping wet, bare backside, I knew the true meaning of being saddle sore.
STAFF at an Edgbaston bank were left saddlesoresuffered saddle sore after a marathon ride to aid charity.
Captain Taylor, 61, of Great Broughton, admits the marathon trip is likely to leave him and other participants somewhat saddle sore.