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out of the ordinary.

special action points
acupoints used only to influence specific organs or tissues.
special diagnostic strategies
includes all techniques which are not provided in the ordinary course of the services available at veterinary clinics and hospital, e.g. Compton metabolic profile, field response trial, retrospective mating analysis.
special incidence ratios
ratios done specially for indexes that are not part of a regular surveillance system, e.g. a zoonosis incidence ratio which is the ratio of the number of new cases of the disease in the animal reservoir related to the number of people in the human population for the same period.
special protocol
a hospital case chart created specially to record observations in cases of a disease that is under examination by members of the staff.
special risk population
a population of animals that is especially likely to contract a disease because of some peculiarity of genetics or husbandry or because of geographic or climatic factors.
special senses
see special sense.

Patient discussion about special

Q. Is there a special diet for FMS I heard that there is a connection between my diet and FMS- what is it? And what should I eat or not eat (that is the question ? )

A. My neighbor next door has this - he always looks so tired! I will tell him abot this link _Laura_ - thanks.

Q. Are there any special forums for parents to kids with cancer? I think my sister could really use that kind of support group of people who are going through the exact same thing they never dreamed to be.

A. But how should I tell her to go there? she acts like she doesn't need help. she says she isn't the one who needs treatment and she wouldn't want to waste time and energy on herself now- only on the kid. How do I convince her it's important?

Q. Anybody know any special cakes for diabetes patients? not just sugarless... something that was specially designed maybe...? any recipes??

A. Thank you diabetes community!!! you are good people... I invite you to try the cakes once they're ready...

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in Says rules aren't sacrosanct and seeks names of officials and the commercial activities they are involved in
In a television interview Friday, Mitri said he held freedom of opinion sacrosanct, but complained that media outlets were failing to draw a line between opinion and analysis.
This all depends on the sky, we don't have a good forecast for Sunday but they are not always accurate, and if that happens we will then roll into Monday, keeping the singles sacrosanct whatever happens.
I don't know how you would ever be able to move on from that, those two occasions being so sacrosanct.
There are some things that are sacrosanct and the feeling of safety in a domestic, business, school, or any other category from the fire services should be paramount.
LIFE is a God-given gift and should be sacrosanct but in today's society it is held cheaply and taken without remorse.
There is nothing sacrosanct about the number of years currently assigned to the limits.
Staff should have at least one holiday that is sacrosanct.
Kieren Fallon rides Race For The Stars, who finished a close fifth to Red Evie in the Matron Stakes on her latest start, with Chenchikova, Be My Queen, Kushnarenkovo and Sacrosanct completing the Ballydoyle team.
There are just some things that are sacrosanct, and I believe funerals to be one of those things.
The NBA has kept its jerseys sacrosanct so far, staving off even the logo of Reebok, which provides all.
Both Democratic and Republican Administrations consider the land mines strewn on the border between North and South Korea to be sacrosanct.