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And the result appeared to me and in part, was--that of sacrality: a technical sacrality that then deeply invested landscapes and characters.
Shakespeare's challenge to and manipulation of spatial convention are crucial in assessing the playwright's dramaturgic vision; the play, with its anarchic reversals of spatial sacrality produced by generic heterogeneity, provides a disturbing vision of a world in which the old sacred geography is outmoded and irrecoverable and a new one not yet available.
Assuming a role once reserved for the church, the state confers immortality on particular national heroes and sacrality on specific locations that solemnize the sacrifices and triumphs of American citizens.
It also may misrepresent the sacrality of bhangra as an identity text.
The counterpart to the cult of the museum object could be found in the cult of the religious relic, in which devotees frequently touched and kissed relics and icons both as a sign of reverence and as a mode of receiving an influx of sacrality.
I want to point out here the false leap or slurring that we sometimes allow within environmental discourse between identifying a belief or a way of life as ecological because a natural object is imbued with sacrality and the belief that it is thus necessarily conservation-oriented.
23) For a discussion of the varying notions of sacrality and sanctity in the Holy Roman Empire, see Rothkrug.
Always, for Rexroth, it is the mountains, the ocean, the stars, the forest, the night, the day, the moon, the sun, the stream, the rock, forming the context that specifies the power reflective of the numinous present in the erotic act, intensifying the intrinsic sacrality.
If sacredness can be encountered on the page, so can negative sacrality.
Her concept of viriditas, the greening power of God necessary for physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health and well-being, emphasizes the sacrality and interconnectedness of all creation.
23) Within the civil law tradition, sacrality and power have been linked at least ever since the Justinianic era.
The worship scene that Faulkner describes in the final section of The Sound and the Fury manifests the left-wing Protestant juxtaposition of sacrality and spareness.