sacral region

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sa·cral re·gion

the area of the back overlying the sacrum.
Synonym(s): regio sacralis [TA]
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Presentation in the sacral region has been reported by Al-Salem; [3] this is the only recorded occurrence in this location.
Significant studies have been done towards the understanding of the sacral region by both anatomists and surgeons using MRI and CT scans.
Sacral region not only is away from primary focus but also has very little chance of instability and neural element compression, therefore in our study there is no involvement of this level.
Low back pain presents itself in various forms with signs and symptoms ranging from dull localised pain in lumbar sacral region to severe pain in back radiating to lower limbs, numbness, loss of movement.
But the person unfamiliar with human anatomy does not know that the upper joint of the femur is several inches higher in the sacral region than would appear from superficial examination of the living body.
Moreover, in the majority of patients, dysraphism was at the lower lumbar and upper sacral region.
In addition, Stage I and II PU may be confused with incontinence associated dermatitis when they occur in the sacral region of persons with urinary or faecal incontinence.
Pneumocephalus as a complication of metastases and eroding infection in the sacral region.