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The present method could be successfully applied to chito-oligosaccharides, saccharides with acid functions, and a complex-type oligosaccharide derived from a glycopeptide.
They are dark stains to increase accumulation of saccharides (arrow (X400 PAS).
Polysaccharide sulfate can be produced by the reaction of saccharides and sulfurous acid because of the Maillard reaction.
The cellulose hydrolysis cellulose, yielding soluble products such as short chain poly saccharides and glucose.
One way of doing this could be to coat cardiac stents for infants with saccharides that resemble blood group antigens.
The enzyme preparations used are able to split pectin chains to produce short chains of saccharides.
It was noteworthy that before stationary phase, more than half of the total saccharides were consumed and more than 50% of the total ethanol was produced.
One new bio-urethane uses the saccharides of corn syrup, which is low in cost, readily available and environmentally-friendly.
PGC has the advantage that the PREG can be exploited to retain and separate small saccharides and also oligosaccharides.
Eight research and review papers, and two short communications provide a scatter-shot view of recent research into the structure, biosynthesis, and biology of saccharides, which are essential components of all living things, not just a treat that most Americans are advised to eat less of.