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When it was just Rushy, you could take him out of a game and that's what Toulouse did.
Kenny Dalglish and Rushy were a very special partnership when I played at Liverpool and I played with some other top strikers like Roberto Mancini and Luca Vialli at Sampdoria.
Not as rushy as Strings of Life, it's more funky, like Blaze's Most Precious Love, and set to be a massive tune this summer.
St Asaph-born Rushy is hoping the same curse strikes for Milan and Shevchenko, saying: 'He is the best striker in Europe, probably the world.
THERE is a poem which reads: `Up the airy mountain, down the rushy glen, we daren't go a-hunting for fear of little men'.
We got a few quick wickets in the first innings, Rushy (Chris Rushworth) was on fire as he has been all year.
Unit two, known as Rushy Gair and available at PS1.
I'm very thankful to Rushy and Keiron for having the faith in me to settle in and get my game right.
See if Kenny (Dalglish) can come back and Rushy (Ian Rush).
Another working women, Mamona while terming driving on Murree Road not less than a nightmare said, I prefer to travel from Islamabad Highway, which is though a lenghty one for her to reach destination but it not rushy one.
I am disappointed for Rushy especially for what he brings to the team.
We've brought Fish (Tito) into the second row, Rushy is playing well at the back and everyone is on their toes.