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Delayed part of the angiographic examination of a vascular bed, to show small artery patency.
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Our research suggests that small-scale, high-intensity rainfall simulation measures of runoff P concentration and P forms should only be used after the effects of the rainfall simulation method have been considered for the soil/plant system being studied.
During the first simulated storm event the compost blanket reduced storm water runoff by 52%, the 2:1 blanket by 54%, the 1:2 blanket by 42%, the wood mulch blanket by 23%, and the straw blanket with PAM by 12%.
In a 12-0 vote, the council approved using about half of a $500 million bond measure approved by voters in 2004 to begin dealing with water pollution and urban runoff while increasing the amount of park and green space in the city.
In Group 34, John Merrett and David Thompson made the runoff with 41.
One of the most significant water pollution problems nationwide, stormwater runoff occurs when dangerous pollutants from pavement, rooftops and lawns flow into waterways.
Success controlling non-point sources, such as wastewater runoff, has proven more elusive, largely because of the myriad ways that pollutants can enter the Sound's waters.
Where close correspondence between predicted and observed runoff values is required, rather than simply a relative measure of change, it is necessary to produce a modified (calibrated) model.
The calculations show that reduced plant transpiration played a significant role in the past century's observed increases in river runoff, the team reports in the Feb.
Joseph Independent Sewer District to determine the impact of stormwater runoff on the sewer.
The amount of N and P lost in surface runoff depends on such factors as soil water content, amount and timing of precipitation or irrigation, method and form of fertilizer application, slope, and various soil properties (Walker and Branham, 1992).
If no candidate in a primary receives at least 50 percent of the votes plus at least one additional vote, the top two vote-getters go head-to-head in a runoff election.
In a number of requests made in the Bill of Information filed Thursday morning, 14 December, the UP asks the Supreme Court to stay the runoff, rule that NEC lacks authority to set December 26 as new date for runoff election; and order that for the purpose of the runoff election the FRR given by the NEC to political parties in September 2017 shall be considered as a "Provisional Voters Roll" which shall be cleaned, sanitized and published in the manner dictated by the Court.