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The feed and rumination efficiencies, expressed as g/h DM and g/h NDF, were obtained by dividing the average daily intakes of DM and NDF by the total time spent eating and/or ruminating in 24 hours, respectively.
The present studies were conducted to investigate the relationship between rumination and intrusions in the prediction of depression.
This condition clearly differed from offense rumination and from repentance, both of which emphasized one's own responsibility for the offense.
Such is the case in depression, where non-productive ruminations are a common and distressing symptom of the disorder.
There is no empirical base for a quantitative definition of rumination, and all such attempts will yield artificial delimitations.
Dry matter and NDF concentrations in each rumination bolus (g) were obtained by dividing the amount of DM and NDF consumed (g/d) in 24 h by the number of daily rumination boli.
Feeding behavior of animal reared under intensive management system includes active intake of concentrate feed and fodder, rumination and drinking.
Intensive Care is Halprin's rumination on mortality.
Miles reflects on the Prince of Denmark's rumination, "to sleep, perchance to dream," as he struggles to keep his vision alive in the midst of the detractors and so-called realists.
Bristling with wit and insouciance, independent filmmaker Ann Marie Fleming's contemporary adaptation of the classical myth of Tiresias is a playful rumination on gender relations, power and sexuality.
In contrast, rumination consists of an intense focus on real or imagined negative events, usually considered to be out of one's control, which in turn seems to amplify anxiety, depression, and social unease.
Following a lengthy period of rumination and maybes, Mexico's state oil company Pemex has announced that it will put $221 million 'seed investment' into the development of 200 petrochemical ventures in 2006.