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A calibrated strip for measuring plane surfaces.
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Henderson & Henderson 2004: 125) imply that leadership in cult was a widely recognised element of Pictish rulership.
Rulership, trained by this year's Dubai World Cup winner Katsuhiko Sumii, went from last to first on the home straight alone to win the Grade 2 Kinko Sho late last month on yielding turf.
They are icons of divine rulership, as well as expressions of the Yoruba belief in the divinity inherent in all living things, especially human beings.
Naturally, Valeri is entitled to extrapolate from other academic works, but it is a bit of a stretch to conclude that "[such a regime] is based on a personal rulership, [where] loyalty to the ruler is motivated not by his embodying or articulating an ideology [.
The essays of Thofner and Kromm explore the deployment of visual allegory to shape images of rulership.
It is the Shi'ites who hold this course, via the rulership of the son-in-law of the prophet Ali.
The new rulers of the Qing dynasty inherited the chastity cult but transformed it into an instrument for the "civilizing project" of Confucian rulership.
Bradley Martin's book, Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader, offers an insightful and revealing portrait of North Korea under the iron-fisted rulership of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
When he died in 1886 the rulership was taken forcibly by his younger brother Rashid bin Maktoum.
The succeeding segments examine Tiwanaku's cultural antecedents (especially the Pucara culture centered in southern Peru), representational imagery, rulership, and cult practices, as well as Tiwanaku's political and commercial relationships with neighboring regions.
When in 1783 the Khalifas took the rulership of Bahrain, under British control, the islands' inhabitants were overwhelmingly Jaafari Shiite.
Bereft of a first born son to inherit his mantle, Koro invokes the legend of Paikea, the original whale rider who launched a thousand years of unbroken rulership.