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A calibrated strip for measuring plane surfaces.
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Chen & Lee, 2008; Yukl, 2010) as well as rulership (e.
An analysis of the Torah text and legal codes pertaining to the appointment of a king, minui melekh, clearly shows the Torah's concern about human rulership and the desire to circumscribe its exercise of authority.
The prevalence of highly educated individuals, including many with PhDs, reminds me somewhat of Plato's famous ideas about rulership as laid out in his Republic.
1, 1969, military coup d'etat, Col Mu'ammar Qadhafi assumed rulership and began to espouse a bizarre political system - a combination of socialism and Islamic populism based on his own interpretation of secularism - which eventually turned Libya into a "Jamahiriya", i.
In the end, Alexander much choose the love he has for his mother and new baby brother Tobias over the rulership and tranquil life he has led in the compound.
The only concern is: Will it pull out all the stops to accept the rulership of the one who can take care of its encumbrances?
Over the years, he transformed the Guard into a modern army force to ensure the ruling family's security, and transferred these responsibilities to his son Mit'ab in 2005 after his accession to rulership.
Kantorowicz had stressed the dual nature of later medieval monarchy: the 'body natural' of the individual ruler died and decayed, even while his 'body politic' took its place as part of an ongoing spiritual community of rulership enhanced by the divine sanction inherent in the royal office.
He added that all Emiratis take pride in the national occasion as they are unified by the Flag Day celebration, which coincides with the accession of President, HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to the presidency and rulership 10 years ago this week.
He added that all Emiratis take pride in this glorious national occasion as they are unified by the Flag Day celebration which coincides with the accession of Shaikh Khalifa, to presidency and rulership.
The result is a fascinating saga of power politics, murder, betrayal, rulership, instability, violence, statesmanship, and empire.
Lewis' work can be read through the lens of a Christian witness in which all humans are feminine in relation to a masculine Deity, who provides the only true rulership, virility, power, and strength.