ruksha (rōōkˑ·sh),

adj in Ayurveda, ‘dry’ as a guna, one of the qualities that characterizes all substances. Its complement is snigdha. See also gunas and snigdha.
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The first series-made icebreaker is already on the slipway and in September this year the keel of the second series icebreaker will be laid, General Director of FSUE Atomflot Vyacheslav Ruksha said.
The last reported case of Ruksha Shah, who just has a slight limp, is the only remnant of the polio infection that ravaged her in 2011.
When Rossita arrived at Atomflot in August 2011, General Director of Rosatomflot Vyacheslav Ruksha told reporters that the ship would start to remove spent nuclear fuel in the first quarter of 2012 but to date no transport has been carried out.