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4 [micro]M for Micropropagation of Rosa Rugosa and rooting of shoots was achieved on half-strenght MS medium with IBA (2.
As conifers are too big and boring, it's worth considering Amelanchier Canadensis, Rosa rugosa, Escalonia, Fuchsia magellanica, and a mop-head Hydrangea, while for a coastal garden with a milder climate my favourite is the New Zealand Olearia.
The Atlantic Group (Justin Agnello, James Keogh, and Hara Kang) of PDE hosted a networking event at Rugosa Restaurant in East Hampton.
RUGOSA roses, this week's special offer, bloom in a wonderful show of memorable colour and are perfect for planting right now.
Coconut cake: a potent substrate for production of lipase by Candida rugosa in solid-state fermentation (Benjamin et al.
2006), que analisaram a composicao de volateis das folhas, flores e frutos de Kielmeyera rugosa Choisy de duas regioes de Sergipe, Serra de Itabaiana e Rio Pomonga.
4-Methoxycinnamaldehyde, an active constituent of Agastache rugosa, was examined for its cytoprotective activity against RSV by XTT method in human larynx carcinoma cell line.
In addition to the specimens mentioned above, the following material borrowed for other research projects was examined: specimens determined by the author as the Australasian species Chaenusa rugosa Wharton (TAMU); the holotypes of all New World species of Chaenusa s.
The company's new Rosa Rugosa rug is named for the flower that inspired its design.
Floriferous, fragrant and beautifully bursting with good health, Rosa Rugosa has everything a gardener could want - and more.
California) present results of an extensive study of Asselian to lower Kungurian colonial Rugosa from shelf carbonates along the cratonic margin of Pangaea, from the Urals to Bolivia, and in those allochthonous terranes of western North America containing CAU corals.