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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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If we needed any reminding, that what we are about to consign to the rubbish heap might, in fact, turn out one day to be priceless artefact and heirloom, then we could look this week to two salutary examples: first, the house at Number 20, Forthlin Road, Liverpool, and second a patch of land in Stratford-upon-Avon.
Or consign yourself to the rubbish heap as the man who presided over the end of an airline.
To turn this amazing natural phenomena into a rubbish heap would be a disgrace.
Police had arrested the three in December after a man's leg was found in a rubbish heap in Hyvinkaa, 30 miles north of Helsinki.
clutched in the hands of a dead woman found on a rubbish heap.
The DMK never consigned Raja to the rubbish heap, his proximity to Kanimozhi probably responsible for that.
Worse, the biggest single component of my rubbish heap is dozens of rusty old dustbins, but whenever I put them out for the refuse collectors they just peer inside them, see that they're empty, put them back and drive away.
Deep rooted beliefs and dogmas have to be consigned to the rubbish heap of history.
Salaam was found by Palestinian medics on a roadside rubbish heap near the West Bank town of Ramallah.
COUNCIL officials yesterday admitted it was their workmen who threw the bones of 14 Famine victims on to a rubbish heap.
I felt like I was being thrown on the rubbish heap," says Maria, 41, who left the profession in 1995.
She can't bear to think of anything on a rubbish heap and even has a collection of broken toys, rescued from junk shops when she felt sorry for them.