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v creating friction and heat by drawing the hands across the body at varying speeds, rhythms, and depths. Benefits include muscle elongation, tension release, and increased flexibility.

Patient discussion about rubbing

Q. Im only 17 I have horrble lower back pains. Im constitly rubbing,stretching, or cracking my back. the pain is either a throbbing pain or an ache or sting.I feel it worse when I put my chest out my shoulders back. my back feels like its out of place.

A. Lower back pain is so very common... I have had it for years, and just recently what I found to be very helpful is walking. Even a 30-45 minute walk and then some streching is good. I have hardly had any pain since I started exercising and it feels really good. Swimming is also known to help.

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Nioche turned to the confiding foreigner again, and stood rubbing his hands, with an air of seeming to plead guilty which was not intenser only because it was habitually so striking.
Collins repeated, rubbing his foot back and forth still more roughly.
But while he pounded the one hand, he never ceased from rubbing his nose and cheeks with the other.
He plodded on with bowed head, unobservant, mechanically rubbing nose and cheeks, and batting his steering hand against the gee-pole in the straight trail-stretches.
Clinging to the gee-pole with his right band and with his left rubbing cheeks and nose, he stumbled over the rope as the dogs swung on a bend.
There lay the Ghost, bow on to the beach, her splintered bowsprit projecting over the sand, her tangled spars rubbing against her side to the lift of the crooning waves.
It is,' replied the driver, rubbing himself as if he ached, after throwing the reins to the ostler.
These smalls,' said Dennis, rubbing his legs; 'these very smalls-- they belonged to a friend of mine that's left off sich incumbrances for ever: this coat too--I've often walked behind this coat, in the street, and wondered whether it would ever come to me: this pair of shoes have danced a hornpipe for another man, afore my eyes, full half-a-dozen times at least: and as to my hat,' he said, taking it off, and whirling it round upon his fist--'Lord
added the dwarf, rubbing his hands hard; 'I say nothing, but is that your meaning?
Pupils got into the spirit by donning fancy dress and coming up with activities including hunting for dinosaur bones and getting creative with dinosaur rubbings.
Once the glue dried, they made crayon rubbings of their raised glue fish drawings, then filled them in with watercolors.
Called EoACAyMarks of China', the exhibition features more than 60 rubbings taken from cultural relics dating about 1500 and 3000 years ago when paper was invented, silk weaving and trade bridged empires, and military expansion coincided with cultural achievement.