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1. A regularly performed behavioral sequence.
2. A standard method of completing a procedure, based on rules or habit. In occupational therapy a customary morning routine might include toileting, bathing, grooming, dressing, eating breakfast, and reading the newspaper.


n 1. a fixed pattern of procedures used in any phase of treatment.
n 2. a set of instructions arranged in proper sequence to direct the computer to perform a desired operation or series of operations.
routine, office,
n a series of steps, to be followed in a carefully planned sequence, that provide a means of dealing with situations commonly encountered in dental practice.

Patient discussion about routine

Q. Why is Colonoscopy Important? I am 60 years old and my doctor recommended that I would do a colonoscopy. She said it is because it's important to do this routinely at this age. Why is it so important?

A. Colonoscopy is a procedure that enables an examiner (usually a gastroenterologist) to evaluate the appearance of the inside of the colon (large bowel). This is accomplished by inserting a flexible tube that is about the thickness of a finger into the anus, and then advancing it slowly, under visual control, into the rectum and through the colon. It is performed with the visual control of either looking through the instrument or with viewing a TV monitor.

This test may be done for a variety of reasons. Most often it is done to investigate the finding of blood in the stool, abdominal pain, diarrhea, a change in the bowel habits, or an abnormality found on colon x- ray or a CT scan. Certain individuals with previous history of polyps or colon cancer and certain individuals with family history of particular malignancies or colon problems may be advised to have periodic colonoscopies because they are at a greater risk of polyps or colon cancer. Hope this helps.

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The chosen path to address the challenges of the future operating environment will be cooperation and partnership, through the tenets of routinization, integration, and the cultivation of relationships.
By passing through creative and exploratory processes, they face uncertainty and absence of routinization.
117) Although Epp and Roberts employ a variant of the Weberian model of routinization to account for the activity of Apollonia and others outside the hierarchical space of the Haushaben, it might be the case that the wives of missionaries were free to preach alongside their missionary husbands because these men had already climbed, or were in the process of climbing, the social and political ladder in the Hutterite community.
Despite this routinization, in half of the encounters, clients spontaneously reported domestic violence without being asked about this by the worker.
This routinization of the reading and reception of literature is the enemy of enthusiasm, and Herd saves his most impassioned writing for the bureaucratic indignities suffered by the scholar in the modern university, going so far as to reproduce the forms required of him when submitting a new course proposal.
In general, it is safe to claim that routinization accounts widely for how language evolves and emerges.
military also made during the 1990s; and, most significantly, societal changes within Israel, the post-Zionist version of "the routinization of charisma," in which "unquestioning commitment to ideals that in the past seemed sublime gives way to frustration with the ordinariness of the new order, which therefore itself becomes the butt of critical inquiry.
This fits Smithey's analysis--if novelty and a lack of domestic case law generates higher foreign citation, then it follows that familiarity and routinization will see them displaced as domestic jurisprudence accumulates.
Add to this fundamental difference between the West and the rest, the routinization of Europe and America's once charismatic qualities the current Western-based global recession, and the persistent perplexity and resentment of the rest towards the West, and the possibility exists that a new world historical threat will emerge in the near future to confront America and the West.
3-5) When a definition is provided, the terms institutionalization, routinization, incorporation, program maintenance, and sustainability have been used.
The fluid utility of dogs (all-purpose sacrificial animals) opposes the rigid misadaptations of various mindsets: the routinization of therapy fixed in consumer culture, yet masquerading us artistic freedom.
The spread and routinization of torture--the degree to which police abuse has become not the exception hut the rule--reveals a crisis in Egyptian justice.