rotator muscle

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ro·ta·tor mus·cle

1. one of the rotatores (muscles);
2. muscle that produces a rotation, alone or in concert with other rotators, around an axis, for example, rotator muscles of vertebral column.
Synonym(s): musculus rotator [TA], rotator
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These observations suggest that lower activity of the external rotator muscle of the knee, which inhibits internal rotation of the knee, may be the reason why females tend to show a large internal rotation of the knee during drop landing.
strengthening exercises to strengthen the internal and external rotator muscles of the rotator cuff muscles by elastic bands fixed to wall bars with the patient standing and with elbow flexed at 90 degree closed to the body.
Isometric strength of the hip abductor and external rotator muscles was measured using a handheld dynamometer, and hip and knee kinematics were obtained via a video-based motion capture system during a stair descent task.
Among those cases with MRI abnormalities, there were 19 patients with osteitis pubis, 9 with stress fractures (8 with fractures of the inferior pubic ramus), 5 with adductor muscle tears, 6 with hamstring muscle tears, 10 with inflammation of the small rotator muscles of the hip, and 4 with iliopsoas tendonitis.
Focus on the hip adductor, abductor, flexor and external rotator muscles.
The scapular rotator muscles are the levator scapulae, trapezius, rhomboids, and serratus anterior.