rotating spring

rotating spring,

n an auxiliary wire used in conjunction with arch wire to rotate a tooth into proper position.
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Near the end of the Spoon travel stroke, the Spoon Arm Rotating Spring pushes the Spoon Arm and Spoon in a direction perpendicular to the axis of mold travel and imparts a slight rotation to the Spoon.
The work-pieces are thereby clamped in fixed or rotating spring chucks, depending on the respective machining operation.
Tenders are invited for Rotating Spring Sheet With Packing Piece And Indicator For Belt Tensioning Mechanism As Per Rdso Drg No Skel-3940 1 And 11 Item 1,9 And 11.
Tenders are invited for Indicating Plate Sub-Assembly Length-295 Mm Suitable For 25 Kw Alternator Along With Rotating Spring Seat Dia-125 X 55 And Packing Piece 5 X 10 X 105 As Per Rdso Drg.