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Edmund, German physician, 1836-1914. See: Rose position.


Harry M., 20th-century U.S. microbiologist. See: Rose-Waaler test.


1. Any shrub of the genus Rosa.
2. The petals of Rosa gallica, collected before expanding; used for its agreeable odor.
[L. rosa]


An NHS-sponsored website designed to help and support refugee and overseas-qualified health professionals who have settled in the UK return to work in the health sector.
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I'm obsessed with blusher and use Mac's Gingerly Powder Blush, 16 pounds, to give me a little colour, then add a pink shade called The Perfect Cheek for extra rosiness.
The colour is creamy and perfect for an English complexion, toning down the rosiness that can make me look like a casualty of too many sherries in winter.
But the rosiness of that picture distorts the reality of life in the First Division.
Speak with Toledo, and you're struck by the rosiness of his outlook.
Stockman's wishful forecasts on economic growth were nicknamed Rosy Scenario by his colleagues, but now the Congressional Budget Office has matched his rosiness.