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The eldest of five daughters of analytical chemist Frank Bird, Rosemary attended Norfolk House School, in Llanishen, and Howell's School, in Llandaff, before attended Brilliantmont School in Switzerland.
Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.
Rosemary joined 20 other people who were crowned as the most iuential people in childcare and early years' education at the event, which was created to honour those who have exceeded expectations to colleagues, children and parents.
In the Polanski original, Mia Farrow played Rosemary as a guileless housewife, a lapsed Catholic from Omaha, Nebraska, with a pixie haircut and a lot of time on her hands in New York City in an era when a young couple could reasonably rent a palatial apartment on Central Park West.
Rosemary bought a Land Rover for PS2,200 and converted it to lefthand drive.
Farr tested a novel antioxidant-based ingredient made from spearmint extract and two different doses of a similar antioxidant made from rosemary extract on mice that have age-related cognitive decline.
This certification verifies the investment we have made in developing a sustainable approach to growing our proprietary rosemary plants," said Dr.
Conducted at Northumbria University, the research suggests that essential oil of rosemary can improve an adults' ability to remember to complete tasks in the future.
Fat fighters will be able to work out with the dieting star at the Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Magazine Roadshow, which will be held in The New Bingley Hall, in Hockley, on Friday, April 19.
BUBBLE 3TROUBLE But Rosemary seems to be enjoying soak in bath
Rosemary holds a place of affection for many, as it the essence of a cheery herb garde.