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Edmund, German physician, 1836-1914. See: Rose position.


Harry M., 20th-century U.S. microbiologist. See: Rose-Waaler test.


1. Any shrub of the genus Rosa.
2. The petals of Rosa gallica, collected before expanding; used for its agreeable odor.
[L. rosa]


An NHS-sponsored website designed to help and support refugee and overseas-qualified health professionals who have settled in the UK return to work in the health sector.
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The walk-outs and strikes in protest did nothing to stem the tide of despair as the dole queue roselike a feverish temperature to 25pc-higher in isolated pockets of the city.
The small, roselike white or pink blossoms are followed by berries that ripen in July and August.
Camellia japonica has large, roselike flowers that bloom in late winter, while Camellia sasanqua has flowers with prominent gold stamens that open in fall and early winter.