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A berry from dog rose—Rosa canina—rich in flavonoids and vitamin C, which is rendered into tablets, tinctures, and herbal teas for herbal management of cold and flu
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We are delighted to join The Vitamin Shoppe in introducing GOPO Rosehip with Galactolipids to the U.
I don't think the data with the frankincense and the rosehips are that good, but the rosehips are presently undergoing additional study.
Rosehips (Rosa canina) have known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities that have been evaluated in vitro.
My favorite tea is: two tablespoons of my basic mix, to which I add one tablespoon of frozen mashed rosehips, and one tablespoon dried spearmint.
To find out more about the benefits of Trilogy's Certified Organic Rosehip Oil visit www.
The treatment concludes with a gentle application of rehydrating rosehip oil that leaves the body relaxed.
GOPO Rosehip with Galactolipids, Jakemans says, is made from 100% specially cultivated natural rosehip and is the only product of its kind to contain a high level of GOPO.
It contains nourishing peach kernel oil, protective rosehip oil and argan oil (a source of vitamin E), and can be used by mums also in need of pampering PS29 for 100ml, www.
com)-- Emtage Beauty, the brand behind SILKtage Rejuvenating Styling Serum welcomes two new products perfect for all skin types, to the premium care line including the Argan Oil Rollerball (11ml) and the Argan Rosehip Rollerball (11ml), $10.
uk HANNAH AND HUGH'S ROSEHIP AND CALENDULA BABY CREAM THIS rich, creamy moisturiser is infused with rosehip and calendula oils, protecting the skin against dryness and irritation by locking in moisture.