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Of very poor quality; e.g., a ropey patient is in bad shape
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A) Microscopically, the excision specimen demonstrated abundant ropy collagen with rare, bland fibroblast-like spindle cells mixed with native smooth muscle and small vessels; (B) at higher magnification, some of the collagen bundles showed a hyaline, keloidal quality.
In group III patients, symptoms such as severe itching, ropy discharge and photophobia showed improvement but it was not comparable to topical or injectable depot steroid.
After heat treatment, the milk was immediately cooled to 42[degrees]C, inoculated with 2% yogurt culture of either the ropy or non-ropy strains and was allowed to incubate in a 42[degrees]C until a pH of 4.
It has a very mild and slightly acidic taste, high viscosity and ropy consistency [7,10,9,6]; this product is poured or pressed out of the package onto a plate and eaten as it is with a spoon.
Everybody is still a bit ropy and rusty and it's about polishing up.
The ropy strands of porphyrins wound around the templates like a bike chain looping around a gear.
The second half was scrappy and the only counter was headed past goalkeeper Brian Crawley by Ropy Hunter.
Yes, that is going to mean a deterioration in the already ropy public finances, but as Moody's, the rating agency, has pointed out the country's high-grade investment rating is not at risk.
That's what has happened in recent weeks; the euphoria of late goals have allowed us to turn half a blind eye to the ropy football in the hope that the good results would breed confidence and the players would in turn eventually hit their stride and start playing as we know most of them can.
A ropy bead with poor penetration and a convex profile can be solved by adjusting wire feed speed, voltage, travel speed, and possibly even the gas mixture.
Tip of the week: If you see ropy grass crawling along here and there in your lawn, know that you have the beginnings of a kikuyu infestation.
The Square Peg may be as ropy as a small girl's skipping game during those long, eventful Birmingham nights, but during the day, it's not a bad place to drop in for a bite.