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Of very poor quality; e.g., a ropey patient is in bad shape
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As mentioned elsewhere langfil has a very mild and slightly acidic taste, high viscosity and ropy consistency.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Cheetah 9 Aping 10 Pushy 11 Retrace 12 Ran 13 Specials 16 Cleanser 17 Nib 19 Earache 21 Oasis 22 Maple 23 Tombola DOWN: 1 Sceptre 2 Personal 3 Stay 4 Earthier 5 Tina 6 Egret 8 Hornet's nest 13 Searcher 14 Long shot 15 Abysmal 18 Germs 20 Ropy 21 Ohms QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Plaster cast 8 Duo 9 Not 1 Amateur 12 Dough 13 Nan 14 Bay 15 Visited 17 Err 19 Ogle 21 Over 23 Area 25 Mate 27 See 29 Take off 31 Sue 34 Rip 36 Ended 37 Precede 38 Rig 39 All 40 Temperature DOWN: 1 Puma 2 Loan 3 Sterile 4 Earwig 5 Cadge 6 Snub 7 Toga 8 Dance 10 Thyme 16 Doe 18 Rot 20 Gas 22 Vet 24 Reflect 25 Miser 26 Pepper 28 Expel 30 Add up 32 Unit 33 Edge 34 Rear 35 Idle
Like The Day the Earth Stood Still remake, it's now a dumb chase picture with ropy CGI action.
When the best partnership is 27 for the ninth wicket (Rikki Clarke and Paul Best did the honours) you know it has been a ropy old affair.
WhilethevisitorsareindecentnickintheAllsvenskan, going seven games without defeat,awayfromhomethey remain ropy, failingtowinin theirlastsixawaygames.
Poor graphics, with a ropy combat system and some of the most laughable dialogue you'll have heard in a long time, don't do much to endear this game to fans.
They're also a credit to their Irish mammies, with nary a whiffy cigarette or ropy kiss-and-tell merchant between them.
Going forward we looked strong but at the back we looked a bit ropy at times.
When lusty Liam and ropy Amy climbed into their double bed the romance was ruined by spanker Jonty passing wind and giggling like a schoolboy.
Tip of the week: If you see ropy grass crawling along here and there in your lawn, know that you have the beginnings of a kikuyu infestation.
The Square Peg may be as ropy as a small girl's skipping game during those long, eventful Birmingham nights, but during the day, it's not a bad place to drop in for a bite.
The completion of the new building stands alone as a single candle on a pretty ropy looking end-of-year cake.