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Recognizing that everyone has a unique psyche and physical being, the book advises that chakras can be worked on one at a time, from the root chakra upward, or starting where the most imbalance is presently felt.
Poses like the Tree Pose provide us with security in the root chakra so we feel like strong steady trees planted firmly to the earth, and when our needs are not met we don't feel like it's the end of the world.
The Living Rainbow" begins with the Root Chakra, color red, first spinning wheel of light at the base of the spine connecting the body with the ground of Mother Earth.
The root chakra, for example, is believed to vibrate at the frequency of the note C.
For example, Grounded targets the root chakra with sweet potatoes and crisp rice, and Transcendence has heady ingredients for the crown chakra like hemp oil, mushroom essence and cashews.
When used in its fullest, as it is here, it releases a form of energy called kundalini, opening not only the root chakra associated with "healthy" sexuality, but all seven chakras.
To teach school age children about energy healing, Script uses "I AM a Rainbow" to guide two children, Joey and Marissa, through a meditative exploration, in which the children explore meditative gardens in each of the seven different colors of the chakras with their teacher, They begin moving towards the West in the first energy center, or root chakra, which is full of the color red.
Cursorily described, the (1) root chakra brings into the body life-force energy (also affects spinal column), (2) sacral chakra influences reproductive function, (3) solar-plexus chakra affects digestion, (4) heart chakra promotes cardiac and circulatory function, (5) throat chakra helps lung function, (6) brow chakra affects the brain and nervous system, and (7) crown chakra is associated with the upper brain and our connection to the divine.
The author presents each of the seven chakras in chapters 4 through 10: "Feeding the Root Chakra with Foods for Grounding and Protection," "Feeding the Sacral Chakra with Foods for Feelings and Flow," "Feeding the Solar Plexus Chakra with Foods for Power and Transformation," "Feeding the Heart Chakra with Foods for Love and Compassion," 'Feeding the Throat Chakra with Foods for Intuition and Imagination," and "Feeding the Crown Chakra with Foods for Purification and Clarification.
These connect us to the earth through the feet and root chakra (situated at the base of the spine).
Unless you are an advanced Yoga practitioner or initiate, Kundalini lies coiled like a serpent, unawakened, in the base or root chakra of the Chakric system.
For the first chakra, the Muladhara, or root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine and is associated with the color red, earth, grounding and abundance, the company has introduced Red Berry Rooibos, A Tea for Health and Prosperity.