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A type of ear piercings worn in the ridges in the auricular concha
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If all our rooks were blue," he said,--he raised his glasses; he actually placed them on his nose--"they would not live long in Wiltshire," he concluded; he dropped his glasses to his side again.
Its flight is heavy and slow, like that of an English rook.
Say "taken," Tope--to the Dean,' the younger rook interposes in a low tone with this touch of correction, as who should say: 'You may offer bad grammar to the laity, or the humbler clergy, not to the Dean.
Half a dozen young rooks in violent conversation, flew out to ask what the matter was.
Pickwick and his friends cowered involuntarily to escape damage from the heavy fall of rooks, which they felt quite certain would be occasioned by the devastating barrel of their friend.
Winkle responded with a forced smile, and took up the spare gun with an expression of countenance which a metaphysical rook, impressed with a foreboding of his approaching death by violence, may be supposed to assume.
She wanted to tell Colin about Dickon's fox cub and the rook and about what the springtime had been doing.
Dickon brought his fox and his rook and I was going to tell you all about them.
The only object that threw any light upon the character of the room's owner was a large perch, placed in the window to catch the air and sun, upon which a tame and, apparently, decrepit rook hopped dryly from side to side.
After Denham had waited some minutes, in the course of which neither he nor the rook took their eyes off the fire, he muttered a curse, ran downstairs, intercepted the parlor-maid, and cut himself a slice of bread and cold meat.
Rook is coming to-day to attend Emily on the journey to the North; and I am not at all sure that Emily will like her.
Rook has had her troubles; and perhaps they have a little unsettled her.