rooibos tea

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rooibos tea (rōō·ē·bōs tē),

n Latin names:
Aspalathus linearis, Borbonia pinifolia, Aspalathus contaminata; part used: leaves; uses: caffeine-free beverage, antioxidant, possible antitumor properties, possible antiaging effects; precautions: none known.
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Fermented rooibos was batch extracted on industrial scale (600 kg) using a percolator type extraction vessel as described for unfermented C.
The boffins showed that Rooibos could achieve a glucose-lowering effect in the rodents comparable to existing diabetic drugs.
So, Mr Pretorius decided to invent one himself, coming up with a revolutionary idea that enabled him, and now the world, to enjoy a delicious, rich-tasting, caffeine-free espresso made purely from Rooibos tea.
A review of the bioactivity of South African herbal teas: rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) and honeybush (Cyclopia intermedia).
Launching rooibos made with tea from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms marks a major milestone on our journey to becoming more sustainable," said Percy Siganporia, deputy CEO of Tetley owner Tata Global Beverages.
The winning drink, the Punch from Ipanema, was made with Cuca Fresca Cachaca, hibiscus and rooibos tea simple syrup, passion fruit juice, fresh lime juice and Domaine de Canton.
IF your tastes run more to tea than wine (I agree, it does go better with breakfast), then raise a cup to South Africa's finest redbush tea, also known as rooibos.
95) and certified organic and fair trade Vanilla Rooibos Tea, naturally sweet, caffeine-free and perfect over ice (4 oz.
Newby's wide range consists of (including English Breakfast, Green Sencha and Earl Grey, herbals and fruit infusions (including Peppermint, Chamomile and Rosehip & Hibiscus) and a selection of Rooibos infusions (including Rooibos & Saffron).
Containing natural ingredients, including the powerful antioxidant Rooibos extract, the Resist range of products from Lifetex is the ultimate choice for women who feel their hair needs a strengthening boost.