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said of grain rolled into flat plates by passing through flat rollers, e.g. rolled oats. Improves digestibility at the cost of the processing. See also cracked.

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Hot rolled steel offered many design benefits over wood.
Besides hot roiled steel, new special metals include cold rolled steel, stainless steel and bronze.
The most that can be rolled over is the taxable part of any eligible distribution.
The pigs are usually too large and there have been too many rolled up ahead of the time they are needed, thus the warmed stock is no longer at the elevated temperature that is required to produce the quality of stock desired from a calender.
Corus Aluminium Rolled Products (USA) is a division of Corus Aluminium Walzprodukte GmbH, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality aluminum rolled products including sheet, plate and coil.
The resulting capability is being rolled out to the Trent 500 project through early 1999, followed by deployment to other civil, military engine, and industrial projects both within Rolls-Royce and its partner companies.
This week the company introduced the Makara Twist, a double-braided portable pastry that puts an extra cinnamon spin on its sweet rolled cousin.
In a related move, the company rolled out two new workstations.
and Alcoa announced they will acquire Comalco Limited's Rolled Products operations in Australia.