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1. to turn along an axis while moving forward along a surface.
2. the act of rolling.
3. an object that has been rolled into a cylindrical shape.
pelvic roll pelvic rotation.
trochanter roll a wedge (usually a rolled towel) placed from the crest of the ilium to midthigh to prevent external rotation of the hip when the patient is in a recumbent position.
Use of trochanter roll to prevent external rotation of hip.
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1. A mass or structure of a rounded or cylindric form created by rotation of a layer of material around its own long axis.
2. The process by which a round entity is moved by a pressure gradient, as when leukocytes move along a blood vessel wall.


Etymology: OFr, rolle
intrinsic joint movements on an axis parallel to the articulating surface. The axis can remain stationary or move in a plane parallel to the joint surface.


(rol) [Fr. roulle, scroll fr. L. rotula, small wheel]
A usually solid, cylindrical structure.

cotton roll

A cylindrical mass of purified and sterilized cotton used as packing or absorbent material in various dental procedures.

ilial roll

A sausage-shaped mass in the left iliac fossa. It is due to a collection of feces in or induration of the walls of the sigmoid colon.

lumbar roll

An air-filled, foam, or gel cushion placed behind the lower back as a support.

Patient care

It is used to maintain the normal lordotic curvature of the lumbar spine and thereby to relieve pressure on commonly injured structures such as discs and facet joints.

scleral roll

See: spur, scleral

trochanter roll

A cushion or pillow used to hold the hip of a postoperative patient in neutral position.
See: Trochanter Roll

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