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As America's Smiliest Role Model, David will receive a Rickey Smiley Eyewear(TM) Prize Pack (two pairs of Rickey Smiley Eyeglasses, with frames, single vision plastic lenses and an eye exam, a $104.
Twerks for me: Miley doesn't want to be a role model
Stuart Maitland, who has created the mHealthful medical app, has been shortlisted by global direct selling company Amway UK in their search to find Britain's Top Real Role Model.
9:11 Sterlin Sebastian: It is true that aACAycelebrity' role models don't really exist in the 21st century.
Footballers were not well regarded, either, except for David Beckham, who was chosen by 32 per cent as the role model for the 2000s.
Notwithstanding that research, let's stick with the array of truly fantastic female role models.
Big Ideas Wales also brings together role models who've already been there and done it and can provide the inspiration for the next generation.
Pushing the idea of following a role model, in my mind, is flawed.
Dr Brownhill said that men are not automatically role models to children if they work in early-years settings, because the status has to be earned.
Dr Simon Brownhill, education expert at the University of Derby, said children aged eight or below were unable to grasp the concept of what a role model is until they are older.
Almost two-thirds of adults believe school-age children do not have appropriate role models in their lives, according to research by The Children's Society.