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A downward slope movement of a potentially lethal mixture of water, rocks, and mud, triggered by earthquakes, volcanoes, or weather events
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Gravity collapse structures found in the Central Precordillera fold-and-thrust belt either occur as big rockslides, such as the Talacasto Norte and Talacasto Sur rockslides of the western flank of the Sierra de Talacasto-La Dehesa anticlinal (Esper-Angillieri et al.
The decision to evacuate was officially passed last March, and came upon recommendations and warning reports by a committee of experts in geological affairs confirming threats posed by a potential rockslide on the hill.
Rockslides at a scenic mountainous area near the epicenter injured several people, the agency said.
According to Eid Hamdi a day-to-day worker who has been living in that place for l8 years with his spouse, three children, and elderly father, life was to him tolerable until the rockslide of 2008.
Two were standing on a rockslide 40 yards below, and two were bedded at the base of the ledge 25 yards below and facing me.
In Eastern Washington, Grant County's public information officer said two people were injured when their cars were struck by a rockslide about two miles north of Soap Lake.
Meanwhile, a rockslide and mudslide forced the California Highway Patrol to briefly close Topanga Canyon Boulevard five miles north of the Pacific Coast Highway.
Summary: Little has changed in Egypt to move the poor from unsafe places and prevent a repetition of a rockslide in a Cairo shantytown that killed more than 100 people last year, Amnesty International said in
For Wagon was the company that in 2005 dislodged the stones that created the rockslide that sent MG Rover into oblivion.
Rescuers are still looking for hundreds of people feared trapped in the rubble of homes crushed in a massive rockslide at a shantytown on the outskirts of Cairo.
The death toll from the rockslide, which hit the shantytown east of Cairo early on Saturday, rose to 31, according to the official Middle East News Agency.
EIGHTEEN people have been killed after a massive rockslide crushed dozens of homes in a shanty town.