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(rŏk), John 1890-1984.
American gynecologist and obstetrician who helped develop the first effective oral contraceptive in 1954.

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Q. To be alone is a terrible feeling. you can be in a rock-concert and you feel still alone. what can we do? You can stay at home with your family, but you feel yourself alone. You cannot talk about the things you have in mind, because they don't understand you nor do they want to make any effort to do so. I had to leave the house of my parents, because I could not talk with them about the things I wished to know, because they are still now disputing day by day and they find this "normal". Then when you have no money anymore you must go back home again to finish your studyings and if you have the choice between your parents home or an asylum you prefer the asylum like I did. To be out is not fun or to feel this way and it leads for sure to depression. Then your boy-friend left you, or you lost your job and one then the burden will be too heavy to manage it. What can you do, if you know such abandoned persons?

A. All of us we have our talents, our hobbies, the things we love to do. It doesn't matter if you prefer to play bridge, golf, or that you love to have sex with your partner, singing in a church in choir. As long you don't stop to do something it keeps you alerte, awake, alaugh and active. So ask the person about their hobbies, what she loves to do. Perhaps you have a yacht and you invite him/her on a weekidge on a lake or to the sea for a nice afternoon. Or you go together biking, jogging or SWIMMING which is for sure the best, because your body can relax most and remain in movement too. If this depressive lady or gentleman can't laugh anymore, go and watch a funny movie. That there is at least a smile on her/his face. Watch "Patch Adams" which is based on a true story. Also "What about Bob?" with Bill Murray is a true story. Perhaps you remember the beginning of the film, when he repeats saying: "I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful...". Please share

Q. My son displays behavior such as hooting, screeching, flapping arms, "chicken" dancing, rocking... Hi members, please help me to choose the right way. My son displays behavior such as hooting, screeching, flapping arms, "chicken" dancing, rocking, bouncing, jumping, limited repetitive play skills, low self esteem, difficulty commencing and occasionally sustaining adult directed tasks, difficulty maintaining relationships with adults and peers, he becomes easily frustrated and will become physically and verbally aggressive, can overreact to being touched, easily distracted by noise, short attention span, likes routine and finds it difficult to change task, difficulty listening, and difficulty following verbal instructions. He is like this at home and school. I have been told by the local NHS group that he is not autistic because of his parent’s separation and divorce in his early life and he does not present these behaviors as a "pervasive feature". Instead they suggest he needs a hearing check and he has "neuro developmental immaturities". What is your opinion? Should I get a second opinion?

A. if you ask me - they could be right. anyway i would be careful from over-the-net-diagnosis. their specialist saw the child and examined his behavior, he probably know what he is doing. and even if you are not sure- get a second opinion. can't hurt can it?

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It took four and a half hours to get through all the rockery to the shelter itself.
Features in the rear garden include a patio with rockery, a split-level patio and a shaped lawn with well stocked borders.
The garden has a patio with stone effect retaining walls, lawn with path through the centre, a wooden gazebo, rockery with pond, feature trellising and a timber shed, a range of trees and shrubs, and a slightly raised patio behind further trellising.
This pretty rockery plant, a member of the buttercup family, comes into flower long before the more well-known aubrieta, alyssum and arabis, but is no less effective.
Run through the wooded area - the route through the rockery is optional - before coming out alongside the lake.
Pupils at All Saints and Linacre primary schools helped replant the rockery, carried out a litter-pick, created moss graffiti on one of the buildings and created flower designs from plastic bottles at Bootle's North Park.
Iris reticulata THIS dainty rockery iris may not last long, but its rich 10cm flowers in shades of blue or maroon are a welcome respite from a colourless scene at this time of year.
I decided to dig out a border and level a rockery, cover it all with plastic sheeting to kill the weeds and heave a ton of mulch on top.
THEY are among my favourite rockery plants, their flat heads of brightly coloured blooms providing a wealth of colour in rockeries, tumbling over walls and providing masses of colour in alpine planters.
It likes a sunny location and welldrained soil, making it ideal for the rockery or in a container.
Add another layer of stone chip-pings to the rockery to stop your alpines getting waterlogged.
Trevor Davidson removed the man-made rockery from open land outside his property on Norton Green, after losing an appeal against Stockton Council.