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In statistics, the degree to which the probability of drawing a wrong conclusion from the test result is not seriously affected by moderate departures from the assumptions implicit in the model on which the test is based.
[L. robustus, hale, strong, fr. robur, oak, strength]
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Mu Helps Automate Robustness and Reliability Analysis
An attack surface considers any product's protocols, processes, data, and access rights as potential sources of security or robustness weaknesses.
It enables organizations and leaders to build a solid foundation of vigilance, preparedness, and robustness so they can act and react in a timely and effective manner, and exploit changes before others even know what is happening.
Robustness analysis of prediction filter with experimental results for the first-order and second-order predictor is given in Section III.
It has better robustness against noise, filtering, sharpening and tempering and is computationally less expensive then other transform domain techniques [6].
The robustness research of the social networks is a relatively new but little research field.
Robustness in design, looked for in the smallest details, is accompanied by a high quality of assembly.
Several topology reconfiguration methods [7][8][9][10][11][12][1314] have been proposed to strengthen the network reliability and robustness under various types of breakdown and attack.
Its main feature, they say, is that robustness and adaptation are decoupled, so that robustness can be guaranteed during fast adaptation.
Reliability in this context refers to the ability of artificial or biological organisms to maintain their capacities (functionalities) in a normal situation, as well as under unexpected internal or external factors (or perturbations), which associates to biological robustness research [31].
The results are tested for robustness to alternative ways of quantifying private school regulation, and to alternative regression models, and the question of causality is addressed.
In a separate announcement, the company said the VxWorks MILS Platform has been accepted by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) operated by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and is officially listed as 'In Evaluation' for EAL6+ and High Robustness.