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related to animals on roadways.

road accidents
results in traumatic injuries because of collisions with vehicles, falling on uneven or slippery surfaces.
road founder
traumatic laminitis.
road transportation
motor transport.

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Q. Is there a connection between bipolar disorder and road rage? I know someone who may have a bipolar disorder, but he also has road rage. Is there a possible connection between bipolar disorder and road rage?

A. You're the best. I would gladly call her.

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The 31-year-old accused was convicted of abusing his position [formerly] at the RTA and taking bribes to tamper with electronic transactions and issue roadworthiness certificates to failed cars.
The new provisions are expected to make re-registration in another EU state easier since mutual recognition of roadworthiness certificates will be required.
Three other vehicles were issued with delayed roadworthiness prohibition notices.
Tests should identify a vehicle and be properly recorded, including in a roadworthiness certificate (from December 2013).
They also delivered an upbeat bulletin on his current roadworthiness but know only too well they must oversee day-today monitoring of the knee injury that will finish Flintoff's Test career at the end of the series.
motorists and road users on adhering to speed limits, following the road signals and instruction boards and ensuring the roadworthiness of their vehicles, particularly
Most countries have an annual roadworthiness test that a car must pass before it is allowed to proceed on the next little chapter of its automotive life.
to show off the utility and roadworthiness of their advanced vehicle powertrain designs.
While MOTs check a car's roadworthiness once a year, regular maintenance and servicing is just as important.
As it is a roadworthiness issue, you should also contact the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (0117 957 3300) for advice.
An unlicensed driver will not have undergone checks and if a vehicle is not licensed it will not have been tested by the council for safety or roadworthiness.
Auto Express said the table was not a judgment on the reliability, value or roadworthiness of cars or qualities of those trusted by the car makers over aftersales service.