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related to animals on roadways.

road accidents
results in traumatic injuries because of collisions with vehicles, falling on uneven or slippery surfaces.
road founder
traumatic laminitis.
road transportation
motor transport.

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Q. Is there a connection between bipolar disorder and road rage? I know someone who may have a bipolar disorder, but he also has road rage. Is there a possible connection between bipolar disorder and road rage?

A. You're the best. I would gladly call her.

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The recommendations in Report 766 consider a number of roadway characteristics, such as whether a roadway has on-street parking.
6% fewer children lived by a major roadway with the same reduction in pollution, the estimated number of cases would drop by 5,900.
As customers look more to the Web to add value to their supply chains, Roadway continues to expand its technologies for cost-effective shipment management.
Due to the traffic pattern on said roadway, the design of said roadway and the existence of prior similar incidents, it was foreseeable that traffic collisions would occur in the westbound lanes of said roadway, causing eastbound vehicles to be pushed, driven, or directed into the opposite-bound roadway lanes, creating an unreasonable risk of high-speed, subsequent collisions with opposing traffic,'' the lawsuit said.
For Roadway, fuel surcharges do not stop with the military.
If the latter course is taken, a contract may be written requiring the contractor to resurface the roadway only from edge of pavement to edge of pavement, excluding the restoration of roadway shoulders.
More recently, engineers have tested rubberized asphalt in roadway construction in hopes of making the road more resilient and longer lasting.
Consumers and businesses alike need accurate, reliable traffic information that spans the entire country to make important decisions about traveling our major roadways and arterials," said Bryan Mistele, co-founder and CEO of Inrix.
Thursday's report, based on the group's analysis of Federal Highway Administration data, found that 56 percent (1,754 miles) of principal arterial roadways in Los Angeles and Orange counties are rated poor, while 36 percent (1,336 miles) are rated mediocre.
Researchers hoped to be able to combine the roadway section accidents and the roadway data of similar roadway types from different states to increase the data size and to determine a stable roadway section accident rate.
This technology will provide a solution for VDOT to proactively monitor and react to traffic conditions in a comprehensive and timely manner, with the intent of improving traffic flow on the region's roadways.
To help control dust, road builders can either mix something into the roadway as it's built or they can apply something after the fact, but many traditional dust suppressants have serious flaws.