Road Test

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A slang phrase referring to the assessment of discharge suitability criteria for a particular patient by testing arousal, level of self-sufficiency, cerebellar function—gait, ataxia, ambulation, and ability to understand discharge instructions
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Despite having frustrating controls, BMW and Mercedes-Benz models are nicely finished and well-mannered on the road, and they get high scores in Consumer Reports road tests.
The system will offer the nearest available slot based on the date and time chosen by the candidate, following which the slot can be booked by paying the usual fee for road test, which is Dh800.
The people who come to UAE on a residence visa and go through a classroom and road training and appear in a road test, they should be allowed to drive even if they fail or pass the drive test.
The product tester chosen for Huddersfield will be issued with a special stationery pack of products to road test and will be asked to write a review.
Attempts to legislate tougher driving license renewal requirements for California's elderly drivers have repeatedly stalled, allowing the state's oldest drivers to stay behind the wheel without having to pass regular road tests.
The winners will also receive an opportunity to road test the new 4x4 2.
Both inspections provide a comprehensive visual examination, a road test and a history check to see if the vehicle has been recorded as stolen, has any outstanding finance or has been written-off.
Reformatted content with the addition of a "Drives" section, as well a host of improvements to Ampersand and industry-standard road test data.
Following a successful bid and prequalification maximum of five approved bidders have to select a suitable FHM and a suitable defoamer in a road test on the CCC Jena.
L-drivers need to pass both parts before taking their road test.
So the Lakers, playing back-to-back away games for just the second time this season, apparently will have to wait until January for that long- awaited road test.
The Department of Energy (DOE) will road test this bus as part of a special project that aims to reduce vehicle emissions and dependence on fossil fuels while promoting a practical form of renewable energy.