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Therefore it's a question of a risk-benefit analysis by your physician.
The report points out that for certain drugs, a careful risk-benefit analysis is needed, especially for drugs that are concentrated in human milk, those with unproven benefits, and those with long half-lives.
The study, however, provided information about the ongoing examination of prescribing patterns in the services Community Care oversees as well as educated providers about the risk-benefit analysis associated with medication.
As is the case with any clinical decision, and certainly with respect to the use of psychiatric medications during pregnancy and lactation, the decision to treat is contingent on a careful risk-benefit analysis, where the risks of exposure to a medicine are weighed against the risk of untreated psychiatric illness.
It also discusses the role of lymph in the transport of xenobiotics, trans fatty acids, soybeans as a source of possible toxicants, aluminum from cookware, and glutamates, and has a new chapter on food adulterants and new sections on reproductive and developmental toxicity and risk-benefit analysis.
Pharmacologic treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders needs careful risk-benefit analysis.
Although Mutual cannot legally make sulindac in another composition," the court wrote, "the FDCA might permit states to tell Mutual it ought not to be [making sulindac] if risk-benefit analysis weights against the drug.
VKM assessed the potential negative health effects of oxidation by-products as part of a larger risk-benefit analysis it is conducting, including those produced in the body.
Indications for ART are based on an assessment of individual risk-benefit analysis of treatment versus no-treatment for patients at different stages of HIV disease progression.
Although Figure 2 is derived from myocardial risk-benefit data, the principle it illustrates applies equally to neurodevelopmental risk-benefit analysis.
I understand that the risk-benefit analysis suggested herein is delicate, but corporations, boards, and executives under investigation should never fail to undertake a serious analysis of whether they could improve any outcome by resisting the government's charges.