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My answer was, "I'm not siding with anyone, but medical practice, including public health, is a matter of risk-benefit analysis.
He asked the health committee to investigate the circumstances of the DOH's dengue vaccination program, whether or not it underwent a thorough risk-benefit analysis, who should be held accountable, and how the risks to the vaccinated children could be mitigated.
Last month, the company announced cessation of enrollment in TANGO-2 following a recommendation by the independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board, which concluded that a risk-benefit analysis of available data no longer supported randomization of additional patients to the "best available therapy" comparator arm.
In regard to a risk-benefit analysis, she said, "a general mental health practitioner may not be comfortable completing this kind of assessment, and there may be an indication to refer to a forensic psychiatrist or psychologist.
Lyon risk management procedures provides clear, precise and robust Instruction on device characterization, risk assessment, risk-benefit analysis and all risk related activities.
We can go ahead and make plans; and make contingency plans in case those plans don't work out; and do risk-benefit analysis about possible actions and possible outcomes; and accept the fact that a sudden wind could rise up and radically change everything.
The risk-benefit analysis of China's devaluation outlined above suggests that a small, controlled devaluation could benefit Chinese exports and growth.
The risk-benefit analysis of China's devaluation suggests that a small, controlled devaluation could benefit Chinese exports and growth.
It is essential that a risk-benefit analysis be performed (and documented) that justifies the reason for side rails.
In the new era of Choosing Wisely, scientific articles making clinical recommendations should not be published without an accompanying risk-benefit analysis, either in the article or in an editorial.
Therefore it's a question of a risk-benefit analysis by your physician.