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Murray, Risk Control director, the Safety Professional of the Year for Region VIII, located in the U.
an industry-leading provider of loss control and risk management software solutions for insurers, is delighted to announce today that the UK and Ireland operations of Ecclesiastical Insurance has elected to partner with Risk Control Technologies to enhance its customer and underwriting risk management propositions.
The banking sector in China has achieved its risk control goal in H1 of 2013, according to the chief of China's top banking regulatory body.
The Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) decided to further strengthen its risk control framework.
Society had several risk control issues to deal with as it searched for a better solution, according to Mike Roseneau, Society's risk control manager.
Abu Dhabi Seismic engineering experts from local departments recently attended a three-day workshop organised by the municipality of Abu Dhabi, and recommended the development of a seismic risk control and management data centre within the region, the municipality said in a statement.
Summary: Experts at a recent workshop organised by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi have called for equipping a seismic risk control and management data centre to serve all countries in the region in case of an earthquake.
Residents evacuated the area after the country&'s National Agency of Risk Control issued a "red alert.
has selected Risk Control Strategies to support its new Signature Suite offering of luxury personal risk management services, Chubb has announced.
Crisis management and disaster recovery planning are part of step number four - risk control.

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