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said of age, means just before, e.g. rising 7 years means 6 years nearly 7 years old.

difficulty rising
having to make a number of attempts, or requiring assistance or improvement in the footing before being able to rise; a stage in the development of spinal cord compression, or a sequel to injury to peripheral, e.g. sciatic or obturator, nerves.

Patient discussion about rising

Q. Why these days in spite of the awareness and knowledge about ADHD, the ADHD patients are on the rise?

A. No …it’s not. I think this growing awareness has made the diagnosis easy and helpful. As previous parents never used to take their child serious for the possibility of any psychological disorders but now they do. Moreover regarding ADHD, now the school teacher and anyone who deals with child are trained to identify the child in their training. Even growing awareness has also paves way for treatment at the correct time before it gets severe.

Q. I feel that my temperature is rising, I am worried as it was told to me to not take on any medicine? I am currently in my 1st trimesters and last week I had fever over 100. I took paracetamol and I got well. Again today I feel that my temperature is rising and it has gone pretty high. My body is on high pain l and I think I must meet a doctor this time. What you guys have to say……I am worried as it was told to me to not take on any medicine but I had taken one ………what can happen?

A. First, congratulations for the pregnancy. I agree with falseact, you should see your OB-GYN doctor for a consult. But here I paste a data that might be useful to calm your worry..

Acetaminophen or paracetamol labeling, like all OTC medications, instructs consumers who are pregnant or nursing a baby to contact their doctor before use. Acetaminophen or paracetamol has been used for over 40 years and available data indicate that acetaminophen in therapeutic doses does not adversely affect the pregnant mother or the fetus.

Q. Rising PSA to 10 with two negative biospies? Expect cancer? 67 yrs old in good health otherwise.

A. High values don't always mean it's cancer. At 67 years old, you're prostate is most likely enlarging, resulting in the higher PSA results. And after two negative biopsies, it sounds like you're in the clear. Like Brandon said though, keep up with your regular check ups.
Source: http://www.northshore.org/healthresources/encyclopedia/encyclopedia.aspx?Version=Q3_08&DocumentHwid=hw5522&ViewHwid=hw5548

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