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n peripheral condition involved at the inception of the illness. See also precipitating factor, biopathography, etiology, and pathogenesis.
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32) to lead a 1-3-8-10-11 scoring effort by the Patriots, continued her history of rising to the occasion.
The miracle of the Apollo 13 story was not the result of one person rising to the occasion, but thousands of people coordinating their efforts to do the impossible.
But Sorenstam, 33, also has a history - of rising to the occasion.
The mark of a great company is how it handles these challenges, and QuadraMed did a super job of rising to the occasion.
SYLMAR - As the challenges get seemingly more formidable from one tournament to the next, the Valencia/Sylmar-based Tri Valley Vipers AA Pee Wee (11-12 years old) hockey team keeps rising to the occasion.