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rishi (rēˑ·shē),

n in Sanskrit, one who possesses knowledge. It is one of the three components of the vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures considered sources of pure knowledge. According to vedic sciences, interactions of rishi, devata, and chhandas give rise to matter. See also veda, devata, and chhandas.
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He referred to mythological rishi Dadhichi by recalling how he gave the ultimate weapon ' vajra ' to Indra.
The whole message of the Vedic Rishis was that we could live life in total unison with universal intelligence, with natural law.
The Vedic Rishis saw that everything is connected by, and is an expression of the unified field.
Discourses by Rishis explaining the Vedic knowledge are contained in a number of derived scriptures known as the Upnishads.
The state school education minister, Archana Chitnis, termed the rashtra rishi controversy baseless.
Several thousand years ago, the rishis (ancient seers) of India accessed profound knowledge called the knowledge of life or Ayurveda.