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v 1. to flow or fall in waves; to undulate as a wave.
2. during relaxation, the continuous wave of tension release that begins at the crown of the head and moves through the body to the toes.
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The whole body was constantly, ripplingly, in motion, and yet there was a still-soured calm about the whole conception.
The Wayne Machine has been putting me through my (slow) paces at the University of Birmingham's Munrow sports centre, a venue favoured by elite athletes, ripplingly fit under-graduates and 40-something sluggers like me.
Again, symmetry was to the fore, with Beethoven sonatas - the E minor, Op 90 and Op 81a Les Adieux - framing two gorgeous pieces by festival composer-in-residence Peter Sculthorpe, and another world premiere, Lynne Plowman's ripplingly tuneful Lullaby for Ianto, popped in the middle.