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Denoting progressive oxidation of dye solutions, as in the ripening of hematoxylin solutions to hematein or of methylene blue to azure dyes.


1. Softening, effacement, and dilation before labor. See: Bishop's score; prostaglandin
2. Maturation of a cataract.

cervical ripening

See: cervical ripening


said of meat. See curing.
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Gil A, Duarte I, Delgadillo I, Colquhoun I, Casuscelli F, Humpfer E and M Spraul Study of the compositional changes of mango during ripening by use of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
This is actually desirable because it prevents premature ripening.
The LAB involved in this fermentation continuously produce organic acids after an optimum ripening time, and cause changes in the composition of the product, referred to as the over-ripening or acid deterioration of kimchi.
What our research actually showed was this new group of bacteria - the reblochoni - were responsible for the ripening process, influencing the taste, texture and smell of the cheese.
This process helps to spread the bacteria across the surface of the cheese, ripening it from the outside in.
A ADRIENNE SAYS: If the temperature is too high ripening can be delayed, so keep an eye on ventilation.
In truth, you may have lemons ripening throughout the year but most should ripen in the next few months as long as we do not experience another freeze.
Nearly two thirds of the 1,007 people questioned had no idea when the ripening season was for a selection of British fruit and vegetables.
NOT surprisingly, my outdoor tomatoes have stopped ripening.
The results of the study show that the risk of cesarean section is five times higher in women with at least one previous vaginal delivery who receive cervical ripening before elective induction, compared with women who have spontaneous labor.
This should provide that little bit of extra warmth to get them ripening.
Physiological changes were measured during the ripening and storage of bananas.