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1. To wash lightly.
2. A solution used for irrigation or bathing.

mouth rinse

A flavored or medicated solution swirled in the mouth, used to treat halitosis, oral infections, apthous ulcers, stomatitis, or dental biofilm (plaque).


Some alcoholics may occasionally abuse alcohol-based mouth rinses.

sodium fluoride rinse

A 0.05% aqueous solution of sodium fluoride also containing coloring and flavoring agents, used as a mouth rinse to help prevent dental caries.
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But some in this picturesque college town believe it is inappropriate to photograph a child rinsing off her genital area with a hand-held shower head.
Showers are great as a wake-up call or for rinsing off messy beauty products.
Noda reports washing the elastomer continuously for a week without rinsing off the polar surface, heating the material to 140 [degrees]F.