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1. To wash lightly.
2. A solution used for irrigation or bathing.

mouth rinse

A flavored or medicated solution swirled in the mouth, used to treat halitosis, oral infections, apthous ulcers, stomatitis, or dental biofilm (plaque).


Some alcoholics may occasionally abuse alcohol-based mouth rinses.

sodium fluoride rinse

A 0.05% aqueous solution of sodium fluoride also containing coloring and flavoring agents, used as a mouth rinse to help prevent dental caries.
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Rinser was one of Germany's most successful politically active writers of the post-war period according to The Guardian.
The abbot was a council participant, Rahner a theological adviser, Rinser correspondent for a German Catholic newspaper.
MYSTERY SOLVED: A Salviati finger bowl and a wine glass rinser or cooler
New machinery installed included a computer controlled H-K Filler/Crowner, Krones Solomatic Labeler, ABC Case Erector, Standard-Knapp Case Packer, Bevco Bottle Rinser, Elliot Case Sealer, a variable speed conveyor system along with a host of other support equipment.
The initial phase of the project was to remove and transfer certain canning equipment from the recently closed Berkshire Brewery in Reading, such as the can rinser & filler and the empty can feed system.
It includes a 12-spout inverted rinser, 12-valve counter-pressure filling heads, double pre-evacuation of [CO.
VERTEQ's principal products include Sunburst Turbo(TM) cleaning systems, Sunburst Quickdump(TM) rinsing systems, UltraClean(TM) megasonic systems, SuperClean(TM) rinser dryers and IsoDRY(TM) vapor dryers.
A highly-automated packaging line was installed by Prospero Equipment It includes a 12-spout inverted rinser, 12-valve counter-pressure filling heads, double pre-evacuation of [CO.
The FSI Rinser Dryer Systems, which sell for between $15,000 and $30,000, are available in several product models to accommodate single or multiple cassette processing.
Rhetech sells and services fully remanufactured and restored Semitool Spin Rinser Dryers, Spray Solvent Tools, Spray Acid Tools, Magnum and Spectrum batch processors and Equinox single wafer processing systems.
An automatic hand washer delivers a preset soap dose and is followed by an automatic rinser.
For the rinsing process the plastic bottles are turned upside-down in the transfer star before entering the rinser and are returned into their original position in the outfeed star.