Ring Fencing

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The British government's practice of limiting the monies it gives organisations (such as local strategic health authorities and hospitals) to designated purposes
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Even accepting the possible benefits of ring-fencing retail and wholesale activities, it is unclear why the ICB prefers to keep them in the same corporate structure.
However, in his Mansion House speech, the Chancellor expressed the UK government's support for the key proposal of ring-fencing of retail banking activities.
While a ring-fencing proposal would not be as drastic as recommending that groups split their retail and investment banks into two separate companies, analysts say it could put onerous new capital requirements on the top UK lenders.
Vickers said "forms of separation" within large banks was an option worth considering, such as ring-fencing banks' retail deposits from their investment banking activities and forming separate subsidiaries for these different units.
Complete ring-fencing of target populations is the ultimate step in identifying the existence and structure of reservoirs.
While Moody's acknowledges that those concerns are separate and distinct from the fundamental credit drivers at Oncor, Oncor believes that its ring-fencing legally and practically protects Oncor.
Alun Thomas, chief executive of Welsh mental health charity Hafal, said: "Hafal members welcome the Welsh Government's continued commitment to ring-fencing the mental health budget.
He said ring-fencing legislation will "certainly help" drive further improvements in culture, which was partly blamed for the financial crisis after soaring City bonuses increased risk-taking among the major players.
SIR John Vickers, who chaired the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB), yesterday said he "would not resist" a complete break up of banks if so-called ring-fencing fails to achieve its desired effect.
Surely there has to be implementation of the ring-fencing of an increase of taxation as listed in this letter?
Summary: European Union finance ministers are meeting to discuss ways of ring-fencing Greece's debt crisis to stop it spreading in Europe.
We understand Scottish government officials have been pushing for greater standardisation but seven councils have actually asked for the return of ring-fencing.