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Say the rime (the word you know without the first sound)
And what of Laura's language, the si dolce ydioma of Rime 360 (v.
The religious subject of Rime spirtuali reflects a genre greatly cultivated in the Baroque period.
E l'attesa e venuta crescendo per circa mezzo secolo, cioe fin da quando nel 1957 Domenico De Robertis ebbe l'incarico dalla Societa Dantesca di censire i manoscritti delle rime dantesche in vista di un'edizione, e specialmente da quando comincio ad annunciare i primi risultati di questo immenso lavoro nel Censimento dei manoscritti delle rime di Dante, pubblicato negli "Studi Danteschi" tra il 1960 e il 1970.
Authorizing Petrarch explores with considerable finesse how the Rime sparse plays a dual role in its relation to early modern European culture, actively shaping the fabric of that culture and, at the same time, being shaped by it.
Sympathetic as I am in general to the anti-Robertsonian strain in this book, and much as I would like, in particular, to find a paradigm for the Rime sparse that could effectively move us beyond the weary refrain of Petrarch's accedia, what Italian critics call his interior dissidio (Boyle seems unaware that this was a topos of Italian criticism long before it was adopted here), the Petrarch offered by Boyle -- an Italian Ezekiel and harbinger of Erasmus, unassailed by inner doubts and monolithically secure in his humanist cultivation of the sacred status of the poet-vates, in short the "true Apollo" of the first chapter's title -- does not square with the Petrarch I know.
21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Grammy award winning vocalist LeAnn Rimes and DAV(Disabled American Veterans), a nonprofit that provides resources for our nation's veterans, are collaborating this holiday season to celebrate our heroes home.
The RIMES Data Governance Conference builds on two years of successful events in London and New York, continuing to provide a spotlight on the business case for data governance, regulatory issues, best practice and the market data management challenges.
With a plan to double the corpus currently available with RIMES from the current $ 250000 to $ 500000 over the next 18 months, the RIMES nations are already formulating a Master Plan for 2016-20 that would take into account the monsoon occurrences, among other features and create advanced early risk detection and warning mechanism for the two continents.
com)-- Brandon Rimes, the host of the Real Estate Quarterback Show, and David Singha of Singha Law Group will appear on the "Ask the Dom" radio show on 102.
The problem is, LeAnn Rimes reportedly wants one, even if she views Eddie's children as her own.
LOS ANGELES -- An invasion of privacy lawsuit that LeAnn Rimes filed against two Northern California women has been dismissed.