rima cornealis

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rima cornealis

A groove in the sclera holding edge of the cornea.
See also: rima glottidis


pl. rimae [L.] a cleft or crack.

rima cornealis
the groove in the scleral margin into which the rim of the cornea fits.
rima glottidis
the kite-shaped opening between the true vocal folds and between the vocal processes of the arytenoid cartilages.
rima oris
the opening of the mouth.
rima palpebrarum
palpebral fissure.
rima pudendi
the space between the labia of the vulva; called also pudendal fissure, rima vulvae.
rima vestibuli
the entrance to a cavity from a vestibule, especially that of the larynx.
rima vulvae
r. pudendi (above).