right main bronchus

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right main bron·chus

[TA] Avoid the incorrect term right main stem (or mainstem) bronchus.
primary division of the tracheobronchial tree arising as the right of branch at the bifurcation of the trachea; it enters the hilum of the right lung, giving off the superior lobe bronchus and continuing downward to give off the middle and inferior lobe bronchi. It is shorter, of larger caliber, and more nearly vertical than the left main bronchus, thus, aspirated objects more frequently lodge on the right side.
Synonym(s): bronchus principalis dexter [TA]
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The X-Rays also revealed a large denture impacted in the right main bronchus.
The stenosis sites were divided into 5 locations: (I) trachea, (II) left main bronchus, (III) right main bronchus, (IV) right middle bronchus, and (V) lobe bronchus.
15] In our study, in six out of the eight bronchial foreign body cases, foreign bodies were found in right main bronchus which is similar to the observations made by Eren et al [16] who reported 52% of airway foreign bodies in right main bronchus.
Fibreoptic bronchoscopy revealed a necrotic grayish tubular soft-tissue mass in the right main bronchus completely occluding lumen and slightly projecting into trachea presumed to be malignant [Figure 2].
Chest radiography showed a radiopaque foreign body extending from the carina to the right main bronchus (Figure 2), and thoracic surgery was indicated.
Contrast-enhanced CT scan (mediastinal window) revealed a smooth left atrial wall at the expected location of right pulmonary veins [Figure 2] and confluent hilar and mediastinal soft tissue with tortuous collaterals along the right main bronchus [Figure 3 and 4].
We first attempted to retrieve the cocklebur fruit in the right main bronchus because of its location near to bifurcation of the trachea and relative accessibility.
08% of the population and is defined as a supernumerary bronchus arising from the inner wall of the right main bronchus or bronchus intermedius opposite to the origin of the right upper lobe bronchus.
Most of the foreign bodies were in the right main bronchus this is related to the fact that right main bronchus is more vertical and wider than the left one.
The first patient presented with a retained pin in the right main bronchus.
Most of the foreign bodies were impacted in the right main bronchus (n=26; 52%).

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