ridge augmentation

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(og?men-ta'shon) [L. augmentare, to increase, grow]
1. The act of adding to or increasing the shape, size, function, or strength of something.
2. In obstetrics, the use of pharmacological or surgical interventions to help the progression of a previously dysfunctional labor. Synonym: augmentation of labor

breast augmentation

Augmentation mammaplasty.

augmentation of labor

Augmentation (2).

localized alveolar ridge augmentation

Dental surgery to repair defects in the jaw due to the extraction or loss of a tooth. A bone graft is placed into the socket formed at the base of the extracted tooth. Alternatives to a bone graft include a soft-tissue graft or bone substitutes. The surrounding gum is sutured in place to cover the graft. The grafted bone can repair aesthetic defects or be used as a foundation for dental implants. Results generally include an increase in the width and/or height of the alveolar ridge.
Synonym: ridge augmentation

percutaneous vertebral augmentation

Abbreviation: PVA
Any surgical treatment for spinal fractures that corrects the defect produced by the fracture, e.g., kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty.

ridge augmentation

Localized alveolar ridge augmentation.

ridge aug·men·ta·tion

(rij awgmĕn-tāshŭn)
Addition of bone to the alveolar ridge to increase its height and thickness; fills in defects and facilitates retention of implants and prostheses.
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