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Relating to or suffering from rickets (rachitis).
Synonym(s): rickety


adj. ricket·ier, ricket·iest
1. Likely to break or fall apart; shaky.
2. Feeble with age; infirm.
3. Of, having, or resembling rickets.

rick′et·i·ness n.
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Old Sharon doubled his dirty fists and drummed with them on the rickety table in a comical frenzy of impatience while Mr.
Tried out, Falstaff might have rendered more romance to the ton than would have Romeo's rickety ribs to the ounce.
Here this young fellow, who, though only seventeen years of age, and about sixty-five inches high, with a constitution naturally rickety and much impaired by premature brandy and water, had an undoubted courage and a lion's heart, poised, tried, bent, and balanced a weapon such as he thought would do execution amongst Frenchmen.
The rickety house shook to a heavy, prideless tread, and through the inner door came Sarah, middle-aged, lop-breasted, hair-tousled, her face lined with care and fat petulance.
As was the custom in that locality, the water supply depended on a rickety windwheel.
The turnkey, opening the door, disclosed in a wretched, ill- smelling little room, two hoarse, puffy, red-faced personages seated at a rickety table, playing at all-fours, smoking pipes, and drinking brandy.
This new bilingual version of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff' is beautifully presented in Navajo and English, with warmly expressive, humorous illustrations of the main story characters: Three different sized goats, a rickety wooden bridge, and the mean Troll.
Up to a million are believed to be waiting on the Libyan coast ready to board rickety boats bound for Italy.
Observer Arsim Zekoli in Utrinski vesnik comments that Gruevski and Ahmeti came to terms with the fact that Zaev has fully revealed the demagogic cloth of their pathetic rickety nudity.
Greater Manchester's Combined Authority is a rickety structure and will have an elected Mayor over the top of the rickety edifice in a few years time, albeit without a referendum to sanction it.
Further animated evidence that 3D gimmickry can't improve a rickety script.
SHEFFIELD trainer Lisa Stephenson splashed out just over PS6,800 to buy Rickety Bridge at Sunday's British Combined Greyhound Auctions' sale at Owlerton, writes John Forbes.