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in the nursing interventions clasification, a nursing intervention defined as being with another, both physically and psychologically, during times of need.


a mode of being available in a situation with the wholeness of one's individual being; a gift of self that can be given freely, invoked, or evoked.


a nursing intervention from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) defined as being with another, both physically and psychologically, during times of need. See also Nursing Interventions Classification.


n 1. a state of fully being in the present moment. Thought to be important in many healing practices that cultivate a ‘healing presence’ of depth.
2. in holistic nursing, a perception of consciously ‘being with’ a client in an emotional and psychologic sense. One of the three principal concepts of holistic nursing, it lets the holistic nurse guide a patient into revealing personal stories. The purpose of this exercise is to facilitate the process of the client's discovery regarding new health choices and behaviors, meaning and purpose within life, and insights into effective ways to cope. As a result, the holistic nurse is able to make a more accurate diagnosis and prescribe an appropriate therapeutic approach.

Patient discussion about presence

Q. What are the presenting signs of ALS? Are the upper or lower extremeties affected initialilly?

A. The most common presenting sign of ALS is asymmetric limb weakness, usually starting with the hands (problems with pinching, writing, holding things etc.) shoulders (lifting arms above head etc.) or legs (problems walking).

Other presenting signs may be problems with speaking or swallowing, although these are less common.

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Q. Iam a bipolar and presently on tegretol medication.I found this to be the best way to get my doubt clarified. I am a bipolar and presently on tegretol medication. My doctor frequently changes the meds and he has tried variety of medicines before prescribing tegretol. He changes the meds every time when I visit him for routine check-up. I am bit confused and obviously cannot question my doctor as I repose faith and confidence in him. I found this to be the best way to get my doubt clarified.

A. Are you being treated by your GP? I would suggest if you are having trouble finding the right combinations it might be a good time to ask to be referred to a Psychaitrist. GP's will do their best but like anything specialized they only have a certain amount of knowledge and a specialist in the field could be more help. I also think that other treatments along with The medications like theropy and group theropy, excercise, good diet, plenty of sleep etc helps a lot too... Try to be patient it is a process to get everything in place that will work the best for you... everyone is different and the .mmedications and treatments that work for one may not work for another...

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