ribosome binding site

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ribosome binding site

The base sequence on a MESSENGER RNA molecule to which a RIBOSOME attaches.

ribosome binding site (RBS)

in prokaryotes, a short NUCLEOTIDE sequence UPSTREAM of a GENE, which, after TRANSCRIPTION, forms the site on mRNA which binds to RIBOSOMES in order to initiate TRANSLATION. The start codon for translation is normally a few nucleotides DOWNSTREAM of the SHINE-DALGARNO SEQUENCE which is within the ribosome binding site.


ribonucleoprotein particles concerned with protein synthesis; they consist of two, one large and one small, reversibly dissociable units (called also 50S and 30S subunits) that are found either bound to cell membranes, particularly rough endoplasmic reticulum, or free in the cytoplasm. They may occur singly or in clusters, called polyribosomes or polysomes, which are ribosomes linked by mRNA and are actively engaged in protein synthesis.

ribosome binding site
a nucleotide sequence near the 5′ terminus of mRNA required for binding of mRNA to the small ribosomal subunit. Called also Shine-Dalgarno sequence.